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Shubham Water World

Nashik has awesome atmosphere and geographical location which makes it a hot tourist attraction because of its cool climate and blessed pilgrim destinations. Nashik is one of the city of the golden triangle including Mumbai, Pune. Nashik has good connection with biggest metros in Maharashtra. Keeping this in mind "Jadhav Paradise" a multi business platform group has emerged in Nashik with its first project called "Shubham Water World" which will surely make Nashik - a vacation hotspot for people all over.

Shubham Water World is an inspiration and long vision of Mr. Shashikant Haribhau Jadhav, leading corporator and a business tycoon. It is his vision which blessed Nashik with this hotspot destination Shubham Water World for complete leisure and total fun. Jadhav paradise is also planning on some parallel leisures with Shubham Water World this year ahead so lets wait and hope for some more leisure activities from "Jadhav Paradise".

Shubham Water World is situated near the birth place of Lord Hanumana "Anjeneri", besides Sapkal Knowledge Hub. Trimbakeshwar, one of the 12 jyotirlingas is just 6 kilometeres away from the Shubham Water World site. The location of Shubham Water World is very well planned by "Jadhav Paradise" as it has easy connectivity to some of the major metro cities like Mumbai, Pune, Aurangabad, Nagpur etc. Adjoining states are at an easy access also.

Shubham Water World has a 14 platform Water Fun System, that is the first in India! It is also geared up with many international rides. It has the most amazing and thrilling rides like the Vertigo, Fast-tracks, Adrenaline, Turbo Lab and many more. You also get to savor your taste buds with great food after a fun day in a water world


Shubham Water World has fun attractions for every member of your family-big and small, young and old! With ample parking facility Shubham Water World has all the leisures which could keep you busy a day long.

Paradise Tent Resort

The Paradise Tent Resort is a beautiful paradise situated in heart of Nashik (Maharashtra) near Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple surrounded by Anjeneri Hills.

The morning of Paradise Tent Resort welcomes the sweet chirping of beautiful birds; sun bow towards the trees of Paradise Tent Resort and the moon gives the chill out atmosphere and music sets the tone for an intensively fascinating and glamorous night with beautiful lush green lawns.

A beautiful and simple rural manor that is perfect if you want to respite from the rigor of Indian roads and the busy schedule. The Paradise is an adorable and natural place to stay where you can make your holidays complete and memorable.